11 May 2018
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It feels like it’s been 10 years since we’ve heard anything about Debby Ryan‘s upcoming series, Insatiable.

The series, which started out as a pilot for The CW, was picked up by Netflix last year – and since then, we’ve heard just about zilch on the project – until now, that is.

Debby revealed on her Twitter this week that the series should see the light of day this year.

“I can vouch for at least one of these,” Debby responded to an article which listed all the original Netflix series’ that were coming out this year.

This is insanely good news!

Insatiable centers on what happens when a disgraced and dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client and has no idea what he’s about to unleash upon the world.

21 April 2018
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“Life Of The Party” opens in theaters on May 11.

One week before the opening, four cast members from the movie will appear together on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Molly Gordon, Jessie Ennis, Debby Ryan and Adria Arjona are all set for that day’s broadcast. They are currently the only guests listed, but it is possible the show will announce another interview or musical guest in the coming days.

The aforementioned four actresses, it should be noted, are not the only “Life Of The Party” cast members due to appear on “Ellen.” Julie Bowen is set to promote the film on the May 3 episode.

23 February 2018
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Debby Ryan talked EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about her latest movie ‘Every Day.’ She reveals what attracted her to the movie and why now is the perfect time for this unique and beautiful love story.

Debby Ryan plays Jolene in the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of David Levithan’s book Every Day, which follows a shy teenager named Rhiannon who falls for A, a person who wakes up in a different body each day. Jolene is Rhiannon’s older sister, and Debby noted she’s a “little bit of comic relief.” Every Day is a stunning and one of a kind story of love transcending gender identity, race, and any other physical traits. That’s what stood out to Debby and made her want to be a part of this movie. “I was most attracted to the fact that it was about loving and falling in love with someone’s soul, which is how I know to love,” Debby told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on the movie’s special screening red carpet in NYC on Feb. 20. “The last and most secondary thing is physicality and gender. It’s mostly personality and heart. That’s a very cool, gorgeous forefront.”

Every Day tackles important and relevant topics like gender fluidity and identity, something we’ve rarely seen on the big screen. “I think the world is ready more than ever for a wonderful, pure, inclusive love story,” Debby revealed to HollywoodLife. “I think we’re craving representation of what life looks like, and what it looks like to fall in love in school and what our friends circles look like. If you were to pick a different person every day in school, it would look a lot like this movie. And I haven’t seen that a lot.”

Every Day also stars Angourie Rice, Owen Teague, Justice Smith, Jeni Ross, Lucas Jade Zumann, Jacob Batalon, Colin Ford, and more. The movie hits theaters everywhere Feb. 23.

10 January 2018
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After Logan Paul uploaded a video that featured the body of a person who apparently died by suicide to YouTube, many (rightfully) criticized the decision. Critics spoke out on behalf of those affected by suicide, as well as against Logan’s general exploitation of Aokigahara Forest. A petition called for his YouTube channel to be taken down, and Shannon Purser called his actions “depraved.”

But it seems even this kind of negative publicity still doesn’t affect white men as much as it should, as Logan’s YouTube subscribers increased at a faster rate than usual right after the incident. Debby Ryan views this lenience as a problem in of itself. In a lengthy Instagram post, she called out what she perceives as a cultural of tolerance for the carelessness Logan showcased in the video.

“Can we please stop glorifying remorselessly irresponsible people?” she wrote. “I understand talking about it; it’s an important conversation, I think. It’s uncomfortable at best and deeply triggering at worst, and not just for those of us who’ve been convinced by volatile depression and dissociation to engage in selfish, hopeless behavior. But this kid’s gotten tens of thousands of NEW subscribers SINCE this controversy. That’s problematic. Rewarding these monsters with money, support, and making them famous. Glamorizing social recklessness and being surprised when their addiction to shock factor crosses lines.”

She also pointed out how Logan’s white male privilege may afford him less criticism than more-disadvantaged groups. “We’re so quick to justify and defend and shield ignorant straight white dudes with cameras and loud voices from consequences, while nitpicking marginalized voices into unrealistic accountability,” she explained. “That silences the voices we need right now. Sharing opinions, spreading information, and desperate education is so, so important in 2018, for the youth, and for the government. For the future and to honor the strides we’ve made. And when you have a big platform, IGNORANCE IS ACTUAL MALICE.”

Logan has issued two apologies and announced that he’s taking a break from YouTube to reflect. Still, as Debby points out, it’s important to also look at the larger context that allowed for the video and its large audience. It’s not just Logan that could stand to reflect and change; it’s our whole culture.

1 October 2017
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Can you believe it’s been six years since the premiere of Debby Ryan‘s Disney Channel show Jessie!?

The 24-year-old actress is reminiscing about the show’s debut back in 2011 and we can’t get over how little Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, Peyton List and Skai Jackson looked!

“Today in 2011, Jessie premiered on Disney Channel. I got to pitch, produce and cast my dream job right outta high school with special folks,” Debby wrote on her Twitter.

She added, “The kids were such smol nuggets and each so captivating. Such an adventure and a ride and now they’re all grown and killing it.”

Debby also made sure to give a shout out to the show’s crew!

“Our writers, costume, set dec, FX, stunt team, hair/makeup, props, scriptie and every other department created a wonderland of playtime,” she wrote.

27 September 2017
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A casting call has gone out seeking talent for the upcoming Netflix series, Insatiable. The streaming giant has handed out a 13-episode pickup for the dramedy about a disgraced, dissatisfied civil lawyer turned beauty-pageant coach who takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client. The series stars Disney Channel alum Debby Ryan, Alyssa Milano, Sarah Colonna, Kimmy Shields, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost and Chris Gorham to round out the cast. Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Todd Hoffman and Dennis Kim will executive produce. Filming will be taking place in the Atlanta, GA area.

The casting director is currently seeking Men and Women 18+ to work as Stand-ins, background and featured extras on the series. As of right now, they are currently seeking the following:

STAND-IN 1 – Female, Blonde, Caucasian, 5’5. Experience required.
STAND-IN 2- Male, Brunette, Caucasian, 6’0. Experience required.
STAND-IN 3 – Male, Brunette, Caucasian, 5’10. Experience required.
STAND-IN 4 – Male, Blonde, Caucasian, 5’8. Experience required.

More casting needs will be announced later. If you are available and fit any the above description please submit at least 2 photos of yourself along with your name, stats, and contact info to insatiable@centralcasting.com with the appropriate title you applying in the email subject line! Please list your STAND-IN experience in the body of your email.

16 September 2017
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Debby Ryan‘s new coming-of-age movie, Rip Tide, is out in theaters.

The 24-year-old actress took to Instagram today (September 15) to open up about what the Australian film means to her.

“My new movie Rip Tide is out,” she wrote. “It’s about how social media can make you want to go literally as far from your life as possible. It’s about grief, profound lingering grief and how, even though we’re all healing from different things, none of us has to heal alone.”

“It’s about the family you have and the family you make. It’s about letting the ocean wash over you and run through you. It’s about identity, doing things that scare you, understanding your past and defining your own future. Go see it, Australia. Tag someone to watch it with.”

11 September 2017
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BULLI filmmaker Rhiannon Bannenberg dreams of one day turning her hometown and the Illawarra into a film mecca.

Speaking after her feature film Rip Tide had a VIP red carpet premiere at Shellharbour’s Event Cinemas on Sunday, Bannenberg quipped she dreamed of turning “Wollongong into Hollygong”.

Judging by Rip Tide, which was filmed completely in the Illawarra and Southern Highlands, Bannenberg has already started something beautiful.

Rip Tide, a coming-of-age family drama starring Debby Ryan of Disney fame, made its world debut at Sydney Film Festival in June to rave reviews.

At Sunday’s special screening a line of people stretched the entire length of the cinema and judging by the audience attention and reaction, the Illawarra’s own feature film will be well received in cinemas.

Much of the scenery features local spots like The Farm at Killalea and Kiama.The film’s cinematography showcases the beauty of this region perfectly.

Parents will know some of the Australian actors too, like Marcus Graham from Blue Heelers and Aaron Jeffery from McLeod’s Daughters.


The beautiful movie Rip Tide is great for girls over eight years of age, because it’s all about following your dreams and is very inspiring.

People in the Illawarra might recognise some of the locations, like one of my favourite places The Farm at Killalea State Park.

The places included in the film were really beautiful. The surfing scenes were amazing, because you felt like you were in the water with the characters. (more…)

13 August 2017
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The Neighbors Collection by Debby Ryan launched!

“These are tattoos I’ve given myself, my friends, my fans, and some boys and artists I like. They won’t stay around for more than a month, so feel free to play… and tag me in your pictures.” – Debby Ryan [@debbyryan]

Get it now on www.inkbox.com